A weakening global economy and continued trade fears — and emphatically, he said, not angry words from U.S. President Donald Trump — convinced U.S. Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell to cut interest rates on Wednesday for the second time this summer. And for Canadians waiting for lower rates, those same global forces are on their way, andRead More →

China has lodged a case against the United States with the World Trade Organization (WTO) over U.S. import duties, the Chinese Commerce Ministry said on Monday. The United States on Sunday began imposing 15 per cent tariffs on a variety of Chinese goods — including footwear, smart watches and flat-panel televisions —Read More →

Trade union members in Hong Kong rallied Wednesday against the city’s flagship Cathay Pacific Airways, which has fired several employees in the past two weeks after coming under pressure from China over their links to pro-democracy protests. Cathay’s situation encapsulates the very fears that sparked the protests — that ChinaRead More →