Three Manitoba mothers are warning other parents about letting their children near shopping carts that have been sanitized with disinfecting chemicals, after they say their babies developed blisters, rashes and swelling from touching carts at a grocery store this month. Ashley Cochrane of Grandview, Man., was shopping at the Dauphin Co-op on May 16,Read More →

Biologists and wildlife-rehabilitation volunteers are being warned not to handle bats during the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce the possibility of infecting millions of the flying mammals in North America. The Canadian Wildlife Health Co-Operative is about to recommend the suspension of fieldwork involving bats, said University of Winnipeg biologist Craig Willis, one of the wildlifeRead More →

At least 20 teachers have been disciplined by Manitoba’s Education Ministry since 2016 for serious offences — the bulk of which were criminal in nature and include sexual touching, possession of child pornography, luring a child and sexual assault, CBC News has learned. Not included in those 20 cases is one from 2017Read More →

Nobel Prize laureates gathered in Stockholm to receive their awards took the opportunity Saturday to stress the importance of addressing climate change. Winners of the prizes in physics, chemistry and economics made the assessment Saturday ahead of next week’s presentation of the prizes. The remarks come as a global summitRead More →