Canada’s chief electoral officer issued a public statement today assuring environmental organizations that they’re free to promote action to fight climate change during the fall federal election without falling afoul of the Canada Elections Act.  “The act does not prevent individuals or groups from talking about issues or publishing information,” Stéphane PerraultRead More →

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending his government’s update to the Canada Food Guide in the wake of attacks by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer who suggested the changes were riddled with “bias” and driven by “ideology.” “The Canada Food Guide is based on evidence, based on science, based on research,”Read More →

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today defended recruiting a known anti-pipeline campaigner to run for the Liberal Party in Quebec, saying there’s room for ideological diversity in the party’s ranks. Liberals in the Montreal-area riding of Laurier-Sainte-Marie nominated Steven Guilbeault — a household name in Quebec, where he is known for his environmentalRead More →

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is pushing for an emergency Commons committee meeting in the wake of a massive personal data breach at the Desjardins Group — believed to be one of the largest ever among Canadian financial institutions. Last month, the Quebec-based bank revealed that an employee with “ill-intention” collected information about nearly threeRead More →