More than one-third of Canadians voted strategically in last week’s federal election to stop another party from winning, a new poll suggests. Thirty-five per cent of respondents to the Leger poll said their decision about which party to support took into account the chance that their vote might prevent another party’s candidate fromRead More →

Cameron Ortis, the senior RCMP director accused of preparing to leak sensitive information, will have to wait a few more days to find out if he’ll be released on bail. After a two-day hearing, the justice overseeing the case said he needs more time to reflect on the evidence and willRead More →

On Wednesday morning, with less than two weeks remaining in the federal campaign, Andrew Scheer worried aloud about MS-13, the notorious Salvadoran-American criminal gang. The Conservative leader stood near Roxham Road in southern Quebec, where asylum seekers crossing from the United States have forced the federal government to establish an unofficialRead More →

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is registered with the U.S. Selective Service System, the federal agency that administers that country’s military draft, a party spokesperson confirmed Friday. Scheer confirmed Thursday that he is a dual Canada-U.S. national — his father was born in the U.S. — but said he is in the process of renouncingRead More →