U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday lauded his relationship with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the leaders started a meeting to overcome mounting differences between the two NATO allies ranging from Syria policy to Turkey’s purchase of a Russian missile defence system. Trump’s warm welcome of the Turkish president comesRead More →

The ornate halls of Moscow’s Kremlin have hardly been a welcoming place for Canadian delegations of late, which is what makes John Durrant’s visit there this week especially remarkable. On Russia’s Day of National Unity on Monday, one of its most significant holidays, Durrant, a Russian literature professor from St. John’s, was the guestRead More →

Beto O’Rourke, the former Texas congressman, announced Friday that he was ending his Democratic presidential campaign, which failed to recapture the enthusiasm, interest and fundraising prowess of his 2018 Senate race. Addressing supporters in Iowa, O’Rourke said he made the decision “reluctantly” and vowed to stay active in the fight to defeatRead More →

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he will decide whether to go ahead with a planned visit next month to the United States after meetings with an American delegation in Turkey this week, as the nation intensifies its military offensive into Syria. Erdogan said Wednesday he would re-evaluate the trip to the U.S. because “arguments,Read More →

Ukraine may be at the epicentre of the Donald Trump impeachment drama, but on the streets of the capital, Kyiv, Ukrainians made it clear Monday they’re preoccupied with a different great power crisis — a potential peace deal involving Russia. “It seems to me, and an increasing number of people, the solutionRead More →

The divided UN Security Council failed to agree on Turkey’s offensive in northeast Syria on Thursday, with Europeans demanding a halt to military action and Syrian ally Russia calling for “restraint” and “direct dialogue” between the two countries. The five European council members who called the closed meeting would have likedRead More →